The White Mouse was a name given by the Gestapo to Nancy Wake Fiocca, an Austrailian woman setting up escape networks from France during WWII. After fleeing to England, the White Mouse joins the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) and returns to occupied France around the time of the Normandy invasion in 1944.

Through sheer determination and with the help of other SOE operatives, she manages to bring together a number of Maquis units in the Auvergne to harass and delay German reinforcements attempting to reach German coastal defenses.

Aided by an American Army Captain on loan to the SOE, The White Mouse finally arranges the escape of a number of Maquis prisoners during the pitched battle, The White Mouse reunites US Army Captain Brian Russell with his French Resistance love that was brought to life in Jack DuArte's first novel, the bestselling The Resistance.

The White Mouse is the fifth installment of DuArte's World War II series.


The setting is Great Britain in the suspenseful summer of 1940. Even though war with Germany has been declared, the British Isles have yet to feel the onslaught of the German blitzkrieg. A defiant nation mobilizes and prepares for the inevitable--- attack by Germany.Flight Lieutenant Anthony Nelson is a Spitfire Mk 1 pilot and a top flier. His 54 Squadron at Hornchurch Royal Air Force Station is critical to the defense of London and all of England. Nelson is charged with training new pilots until the real action begins. His life is further complicated when his younger brother, Fletcher Nelson, announces his forthcoming marriage, and then chooses to join his brother’s squadron.Spitfire follows Nelson’s 54 Squadron as the war escalates and the Battle of Britain is fought by valiant Spitfire pilots over England’s blackened and deadly skies. Hitler orders his Luftwaffe to level London and almost succeeds in his monstrous plot.Only the Royal Air Force’s Spitfires and fighter aircraft stand in Germany’s way. After heavy losses, the RAF begins to gain an edge. Then, Fletcher Nelson is reported missing. The story takes a bittersweet turn as Anthony Nelson tries to console Fletcher’s distraught fiancée. Spitfire draws to a remarkable conclusion when certain factors surface that change everyone’s lives.This thrilling tale mirrors the lives and loves of heralded British fliers who saved their island nation from almost certain defeat during the early days of World War II.


In 1941, the Far East’s great island fortress of Singapore is the key impediment to the Empire of Japan’s plans for domination of the Western Pacific.  The Japanese Imperial Staff makes several important decisions and directs the formation of a special unit to meticulously plan for the invasion of Malaya and the subsequent siege of the fortress of Singapore. Colonel Masanobu Tsuji is assigned as the Staff Officer in Charge of Operations for the 25th Army and sets out to chart and plan the operational aspects of Japanese military forces for the campaign. Within the bastion of Singapore, the British are content to wait behind their fortress’s huge guns, secure in the knowledge that their island is practically impenetrable. Royal Navy Lieutenant William Elliott is an assigned to the SOE’s secretive Oriental Mission. He has been in Singapore for eight months and has fallen in love with a Malaysian woman, a doctor in Singapore’s General Hospital.Commander Elliott is temporarily assigned to Brigadier Ivan Simson, one of the few people on the island who realize the extent of the island’s weaknesses. As international events begin to bracket Singapore’s fate in the destiny of world events, Lieutenant Elliott is trust into a series of movements throughout South East Asia as he tries to alter Singapore’s ultimate fate. When his beloved Pai Lin also gets caught up in the calamity of Singapore’s tragic fate, Elliott must choose between his love for her and duty to his country.Singapore accurately follows the events of this incredible historical event in its sublime majesty, from beginning to end, at a time when world power and western civilization were both at stake.

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The Resistance is set in England and France during the early part of WWII. The newly appointed head of the French Resistance, Jean Moulin, is sent to England for a series of intelligence briefings. During one particular briefing, a former curator of the Polish national museum in Crackow describes the rape and plunder of his museum and other similar museums by the Nazis. His story touches Jean Moulin who devises a scheme to insure the same thing does not happen in France. Through the British Special Operations Executive-F (SOE, forerunner of today’s British Intelligence), a plan is devised to have copies of the three greatest masterpieces in the Louvre secretly substituted for the real paintings, which are being secretly hidden in an old castle in the Dordogne Region of France. American Army Captain Brian Adams is selected for the mission and he operates a glider to bring the fake paintings into France. With the help of the French Resistance, the switch is made.Meanwhile the Germans, in the person of an SS Colonel working under the personal direction of Reichsmarschall Hermann Goring, sets about to find the paintings for the Reichsmarschall so that they can be sent back to Germany. The Resistance follows the actions of the Captain Adams, numerous members of the French Resistance and his beautiful French Resistance fighter-helper as they work their way through south central and finally southern France. They attempt to elude the SS, elements of the Wehrmacht and finally, the SS’s Vichy equivalent Milice pursuers. The final incredibly dramatic scene is played out in the storied city of Lourdes, where a spirited gun battle finally decides the outcome of the novel.

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The island of Malta and its strategic location in the Mediterranean has made it a prime target for the Axis powers. In early 1942, the German Luftwaffe decides to concentrate on Malta and begins a horrendous bombing attack. A handful of heroic British RAF pilots brave the odds and begin ferrying new Spitfire Mark VI's to help defend the island. Once there, their troubles begin in earnest.

Malta is best-selling author Jack DuArte's fourth installment in his WWII series. Malta features incredible action over the skies of the Mediterranean and Sicily as well as well as the remarkable story of what Malta's defenders faced in their stuggle. Malta was called 'The most bombed place on earth" during this period and was awarded the George Cross by King George VI.

Malta Mirrors the lives of a number of these honored British aviators as they battle heat, dirt and the "Malta Dog" and deplorable conditions to help save the vital island.