“Jack’s way with writing about WW II is in the old Edward R Murrow standard of ‘You Are There’ that is how immediate he makes his characters interact and the event’s transpire. This is only the second book of this series that this reader has enjoyed, but it is enough to now start from Book 1.”
                                                          Grady Harp, February 16

“If you enjoy reading World War II history, ‘Kidnap The Pope’ by Jack DuArte needs to be in your library.”

                                                           Cold Coffee Café, February 13

 “I wanted tense drama surrounding an unbelievable plot, and that is precisely what I got!”

                                                           Veritas Vincit, March 7

“I definitely recommend the book not only to the fans of history - but to anyone who would like to expand their general knowledge, reading an easy to read book, intriguing and full of adventures.”

                                                           Mihai, February 28

 “From start to finish, this is an engaging and thrilling story, filled with tension and unpredictability. I loved the story from start to finish and I’m fascinated to read others in the series.”

                                                            Cassandra, March 11

“Wow—I have to say, this is probably one of the best researched novels that I’ve come across in quite some time. I took a while to read this novel because I wanted to go back and study some of the occurrences a bit deeper. Every time I looked something up though, sure enough the author had it written down spot on. So, I really feel like I learned a lot more from this book than I would have sitting in a classroom.”
                                                           Chelsey McQuitty, March 8

“Kidnap the Pope by Jack DuArte is an intriguing book about many behind the scenes plots and plans for not only countries in WWII, but for the world.”

                                                           raysbabe, February 28

 “Duarte’s understanding of WWII is fantastic and very descriptive, making the novel addictive and intriguing.”

                                                            Renee Spicuzza, February 26


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